Integrated Cards

Integrated cards for membership organisations or promotions

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of integrated cards and offer all variations be they pop out cards, peel out cards or butterfly cards.

Printed in up to 8 colours, to give your card the right impact for your membership or promotional activity. The integrated card area is coated in laser printable laminate on the face side for a professional looking finish with no smudges or blurring.

Integrated cards allow you to use one printing pass to create letters with handy laminated cards that are perfect for your customers to peel out and keep.

Integrated cards are vital tools for successful membership organisations and or promotions.If you require a FREE consultation on a new project, further information or print samples please request a quote.

Make the most of marketing and advertising opportunities by using integrated cards to create:

Integrated Business Cards

Integrated Membership Cards

Integrated Butterfly Conference Badges

Integrated Helpline Cards

Integrated Promotional Cards

Integrated Bi-Fold Cards

Integrated Photo ID Cards

Our highly skilled team have a wealth of experience on the types of laminates available so the right one is used on your products to ensure your processing is as smooth as possible.

You name it, we’ll almost certainly have a solution for it!