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A4 cheques, personalised business cheques, continuous cheques and security print is part of our core business, you can be reassured that our security print really is secure with over 50 years of experience and knowledge. If you require a FREE consultation on a new project, further information or print samples please request a quote.


Personalised Business Cheques


Compatible with SIMS Financial Management System (FMS) for primary and secondary schools and academies.

We can build a whole range of anti-fraud features into your cheques, including:

Aqua inks: the image smudges when attacked by water-based agents.

Micro text: very small font that is difficult to  scan or colour copy.

Micro-numismatic design: complex line patterns that is almost impossible to replicate.

Security numbering: number options such as standard audit numbers, MICR line encoding, bleed through, invisible UV or multi-part crash numbering.

Solvent inks: image alters when attacked  by solvent-based agents.

Thermochromic inks: these react to heat changes for instant verification.

UV inks: these create a pattern that can only be seen under ultra violet light.

Watermarked CBS1 security paper: this is only available from a strictly controlled supply and can feature a standard or unique watermarked design.

Holograms: a visible deterrent against counterfeiting.

We provide a full in house design facility for bespoke/customised products some of which are shown below:


Corporate cheque books

Personalised Business Cheques

A4 printed cheques with remittance advice

A4 School cheques

3-to-view cheques

Continuous cheques

Bank Giro Credit books

Paying-in books


We also produce insurance cover note books and paper.

So ask us cheques, vouchers, PIN mailers, security pay advices and more, and you’ll be in safe hands.


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